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"I can’t say enough about Liz! I did The Total Reset 14 day program with her, and not only did she supply me with all of the tools to be successful, but she was there for me emotionally and that made her service stand above the rest. 
I was addicted to sugar after my last pregnancy. And with the guidelines that Liz gave me, it helped me understand why I was feeling the way I was, and how to help myself get better. I plan to continue my services with her, and hopefully continue on the healthy path. 
Thank you Liz!"



"Liz met me where I am in terms of my goals for overall health and weight loss.  I am a very busy executive who adores carbs. Liz's tips and insight were simple and easy to integrate.   My water intake is very challenging, I just don't like it.  Liz understood that stance but also worked with me to establish water intake goals that were reasonable. I also noticed a difference immediately in losing inches just around increased water intake! Liz understands the mind body connection and most importantly, how I orient in the world.  (Busy single mom with 2 businesses who loves carbs and hates
kale.) I highly recommend an investment in Liz as its an investment in yourself".

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"The prescription to good health is regular exercise and healthy eating.  There are no shortcuts.  Liz helps her clients understand this. She is a yogi, counselor, bar method instructor, and a personal trainer.  She is a force of energy. I started working with Liz during my second pregnancy.  She taught me how to find my inner strength and still do perfect push ups and planks during my pregnancy. She combines physical movement and mindfulness training in every sessions so I am able to re-center myself & feel empowered every week to conquer the challenges ahead. I am stronger in my mind and leaner in my body thanks to Liz. She helped me build a strong mind body connection that extends beyond the gym to everyday life.  I feel thankful to call her my coach".


Liz is amazing!! This woman helped me feel both physically and emotionally ready to handle not just my wedding, but my life on multiple levels! I originally was interested in her services because I was wanting to look my best in my wedding that was a few months away. I had already been taking some classes with her at Bar Method and was lucky enough to find out about the rest of her services with coaching. Through working with Liz and doing the total reset cleanse and mindset makeover, I found out how different foods effect my body both positively and negatively. Liz never said to cut out everything I enjoy that might be “bad” either, which I always had worried about in talking with a professional about nutrition. I pride myself on enjoying chips and queso, and Liz helped me to look at how I feel when I eat the foods I’m choosing to nourish my body so if I choose something like that to balance it with my other choices throughout the day. I found that I had been making choices that felt good at the time but made me feel pretty bad throughout the day/long term. Another big aspect Liz helped me with was work life balance, prioritizing myself and my health needs versus work things I had been putting first. I am so thankful for all of her help leading up to my wedding, I learned so many things I’ve incorporated into my daily routine that I will keep with me forever! Thank you Liz!!!

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