Welcome to The 5 Day Healthy Habit Challenge 

Welcome Friends! Cheers to you for taking this step to create healthy habits that will last! In this 5 day challenge will we we focus on simple ways to help you live a healthier & happier life! When you are busy creating new habits to improve your life, remember that you can have a new habit for each area of your life. You don’t have to be restricted to just healthy habits or just regular daily habits. You will benefit greatly just by being mindful and incorporating small shifts into your daily routine.  

Copy of Copy of Healthy Habit Challenge

Forming new habits is a wonderful way to improve your life, reach your goals, and have the motivation and momentum to accomplish anything you want. Tracking is a part of these new habits, as well as understanding exactly what is expected of you. This is where using a journal can come in handy.

Journaling before you set your habits can also help you to work out the details. You know which ones to start with, what the daily habit and schedule should be, and how it can fit into your current lifestyle.

Get yourself a new journal and take a few moments to set you intention for this challenge and begin to track your daily progress, any obstacles coming up,& what is working for you.